Ohai~ My name’s Yui. A high school student and a cosplayer (working on my Anna costume ^^). I love to draw a lot and I sing most of the time. I’m pretty playful, loves meeting new people and clumsy. Teehee~

AH! You’re going to be an an adorable Anna! You can already tell who I’m going to say. You remind me of Anna dn Olaf! Someone who’s playful, love’s people but not the picture of sophisticated grace.

When you’re finished I would love to see pictures of your cosplay! I’m finishing mine this week c:


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"Hans.. I’m scared.."
"Don’t be, it’ll make things worse."

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"Hans.. I’m scared.."
"Don’t be, it’ll make things worse."

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Sam Tsui
Let It Go/Let Her Go
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song of the day: let it go/let her go - sam tsui (x)

'let it go, let it go
you only need the light when it’s burning low
let it go, let it go
you only miss the sun when it starts to snow’

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I’m sorry…
I’m sorry…
I’ve never been there for you…

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"Frozen Collection."

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa.
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Total time: 9 Hours.

This is cool.

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The King and Queen of Ice & Snow

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||Doing my best on this. OMFG HOT DAMN PEOPLE!

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